As we are at the start of summer

June, 21, 2017 – LaSaan Georgeson. As we near the start of summer, let’s consider the mood we’re in…do we need to wine-down or wine-up? In either case, if you and I are anything alike, early summer spells moderate priced wines under $25/bottle, NICE.

Let’s see if the following suggestions help us in our wine-down mode and thirsting for a Red early summer: Think a bit more weight for that yummy BBQ you are about to embark upon with a to-die-for sip of Fall Creek’s Vintners Select CSM (Cabernet Sauvignon, Shiraz and Merlot), a take on a superTuscan, your meal will thank you with enhancements from this smokey sensational sip of fruity goodness from this Texas winery. Perhaps take a longer trip to France and enjoy the balanced lovely dustiness of a gamay filled with terroir at every corner engaging the mind like no other from Chateau de Pierreux Brouilly. Perhaps a slight more rustic sip of red plums, tobacco, a surprising lift of vibrancy on the palate throughout and smokiness on the finish from this red of Cape, S.Africa in the Fleur du Cap / Pinotage (just maybe another BBQ  summer pairing).

If you are thirsting for early summer Whites to wine-down, let’s visit the Pacific Northwest again this time for a Pinot Gris with vibrant yet luscious mouthfeel of grapefruit citrus and limes, intriguing finish of spice from the Eola Hills Winery in Oregon. Alternatively lets travel to Greece and try an elegant vibrant unique Vidiano from Alexakis Winery in Crete, engaging sip of peach and pear wonder with streams of minerality running through the finish.

Looking to wine-up the season with Reds…lighten up the palate with these bottles in your arsenal. Get excited with a crazy sip of delicious and aromatic Petillant Naturel Rosé (Pet-Nat) a try, loaded with tropical fruits, a bit of minerality and awesome funk likely from ambient yeasts, simple yet engaging with a lift of fizziness which you can’t stop sipping, from William Chris Vineyards, 100% Texas grown grapes in Texas Hill Country. Consider a pleasant balanced, old-world style Pinot Noir that you can’t wait to cozy up to with a hint of spice and all things nice from Firelands Winery in Isle St. George, Ohio of all places…dead serious, this is one serious sip of deliciousness. Or a more jovial taste of fresh red and black fruits, luscious mouthfeel with a clear sense of raw muscularity Clayhouse / Adobe Red from Paso Robles, California.

For wine-up whites, let’s revisit Texas with this lovely perfumey Viognier /from Perissos all Texas grown grapes, providing a pleasant lift of exotic fruits, citrus happiness, slight spice centered with stoney goodness…this is your happy go-lucky elegant sip of amazing! As a complete contrast, give this aromatic Torrontes a try, loaded with ripened fruits of pear, peach and tangerine peel and subtle lingering astringent complexity of black tea, from Tilia Winery in Mendoza, Argentina.

Happy sipping~